Upcoming Events

2021 Winter Music Competition

Jan. 9th

9:00AM (CST)

Ms. Winnie Fan collaborate with two other teachers from the Houston area, Sunjung Lee and Hyeok Kwon, to host the second virtual music competition. Our mission is to encourage students to keep practicing while staying at home. 


ZOOM ID: 886-024-5282

PW: 608871

Winners' Concert

2021 Winter Music Competition

Jan. 10th

5:00PM (CST)

Congratulations to all the performers! 

Concert video link: https://youtu.be/perz9_Pe9lQ

ZOOM ID: 886-024-5282

PW: 608871

An Evening of Music: Taiwan's Beauty 

Feb. 7th

6:00 PM (CST)

Event video link: https://youtu.be/-77qy8Z07so

An Evening of Music is an in-home performance series, now in its seventh year. Of the more than 120 musicians who have participated, most are in music-performance degrees at local universities. Hosts in 20 different homes around Phoenix, Arizona and neighboring communities have opened their homes to musicians and guests. Great music performed by serious musicians for local audiences in a welcoming setting.

We would love to see you at this special concert, with musicians and music from Taiwan. Please extend the invitation to friends who will enjoy a Sunday afternoon concert of great music.

To attend, email Tim Hedger at an.evening.of.music.phx@gmail.com

Unseen, but not Forgotten

March 28th

R. Muczynski: Fantasy Trio, Op. 26 (1969)

     I. Allegro energico

     II. Andante conexpressione

     III. Allegro deciso

     IV. Andante molto e sostenuto

C. Frühling: Trio in A minor, Op. 40 (1925)

     I. MäBig schnell

     II. Anmutig bewegt

     III. Andante

     IV. Allegro vivace

A. Piazzolla: The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires (1970)

     I. Primavera Porteño (spring)

     II. Verano Porteño (summer)

     III. Otoño Porteño (autumn)

     IV. Invierno Porteño (winter)

Winnie Fan Clarinet Masterclass

Hastings College

March 20th