Thank you for stopping by Winnie Fan Music Studio!  We hope you find some fun and peace here. Check out our studio videos and upcoming events! We would love to see you join us in the next concert!

Our year-end studio recital is just a FEW DAYS away. I want to take a moment to thank all the students for their hard work on the music and helping out with this preparation process. This recital is going to be a full ensemble concert with eight talented groups. I am sure you all will have a refreshing experience!

All proceeds will be donated to Covenant House Texas. Covenant House Texas is a faith-based organization committed to giving homeless youth a safe haven, absolute respect, unconditional love, and a path to lasting independence. 
Homepage (covenanthousetx.org)

Additional donations:

Let's all do more in this holiday season! Please spread the words and invite your family and friends to join us. Hope to see you all soon!

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