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2021 Winer Music Competition

Carter Feng - Gold Prize (junior dv.)

Varsha Chandupatla - Silver Prize (junior dv.)

Jason Hu - Honorable Mention (junior dv.)

Arjun Chandupatla - Audience Award (junior dv.)

Bill Sun - Silver Prize (senior dv.)

Peiyao Ning - Audience Award (senior dv.)

2020 TMEA All-State/All-Region


Claire Huang - Rank 2 AREA

Fiona Condron - Rank 7 AREA

Evan Zhang

Yutai Long

Cristy Chau - Freshmen


Bo Wen - Rank 1 (region 23)

Owen Cheng - Rank 2 (region 23)

Aaron Ju - Rank 12 (region 23)

Kevin Gengwen Li - Rank 17 (region 23)

An Evening of Music

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